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Body Language was created in response to a task entitled "A History of 'this' Space," a task that allows students to communicate to an audience of their choosing something about who they were, what they did, valued, etc. at a particular point in their college careers.

The creator of Body Language was a senior dance major enrolled in my fyc course and she felt strongly about (and so wanted to underscore for others) the importance of remaining cognizant of the (however subtle it may seem) power and persuasion of body language.

The footage used for this piece was taken during a group presentation session that took place on Fat Tuesday (part of the reason why some bodies are wearing beaded necklaces and why the room was decorated as it was). Two versions of Body Language were initially turned in to me. One (that which appears here) was silent, the other featured an audio component but the sound was intentionally engineered to be difficult to hear. What's more the soundtrack was looped or run backward. This was also done with a mind toward not allowing what was said in class that day take attention away from what the bodies of people enrolled in the course were saying/feeling/doing that day.

As a side note: Body Language was taken up and remediated the following semester by another senior dance major enrolled in the course (for a more in-depth treatment of this remediation see Gonna Make You Sweat: Composing a History of 'this' Space found under the "current projects" portion of this website).

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